Welcome to Portland's Premiere Indoor Dog Park!

InBark - Portland's Premiere Indoor Dog Park

InBark is Portland's first-of-its-kind indoor dog park. You and your 4-legged friend can 'get down' without the 'get dirty'- we offer a year round climate controlled environment for everybody’s enjoyment. With our three different dog daycare options you'll be sure to find something to meet your needs. In addition to our top-notch dog daycare we also offer easygoing overnight and extended-stay boarding services. All of our boarding options include daycare for your dog, so they will have plenty of time for play! Or for those dogs who feel more comfortable staying at home when you are away, we now offer both Pet-Sitting and Dog-Walking Services!

InBark - Portland's Premiere Indoor Dog Park

InBark is pleased to offer a wide variety of training classes, including basic obedience, Treibball, Flyball, focus classes, and K-9 Nose Work from a great group of experienced trainers. We are also proud to be the only local business to offer all of your Nose Work supplies, from kits to tins, magnets, and oils we have it all. We are also proud to foster dogs for OFOSA (Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals) - so if you are looking for a new canine companion, stop by and meet our fosters! There's always something fun going on at InBark!

Our clients are helping us achieve our goal of uniting dog enthusiasts in a convenient indoor location, with something fun for everyone!


"I'm a busy guy and I love my dogs, so I don't want them sitting around on the couch waiting all day for me to get home from work. At InBark, they get supervised play all day, lunch time, nap time, more play time... it's a dog paradise! My dogs usually get seperation anxiety when I'm gone, but not when it's time to play with their friends at InBark - they can't get in that park fast enough! It's so nice to be at work knowing my babies are having fun in a safe environment with fellow dog lovers." -Danny

"My girls love this place! I know when they are at InBark they are safe and surrounded by people who love dogs." -Gabby

"I always feel like my dog is well cared for. She pulls me through the door to get back with the other dogs. When she needs meds, the staff is always willing to treat her. I'm grateful for such a wonderful place for my dog." -Deb

"You won't find a better run facility for dog care and boarding. My dog has been going to InBark regularly for almost 2 years and I would never take him anywhere else." -Sue

"The safety and well-being of my dog is my highest priority and I trust the staff of InBark to take good care of her. They take the time to get to know her and pay attention to her needs and behavior to help ensure safe and fun play." -Elyse

"Always professional, great staff. I trust my dogs with very few people and I wouldn't take them anywhere else!" -Derek

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